18 April 2010

Howdy, Scout

Say hello to the newest member of the D household.

Howdy, Scout.

15 April 2010

Human behavior and why it baffles the clueless

So yesterday, someone told me I shouldn't have been offended by their offensive behavior.

So after I had to "get over it", I also had to get beyond the idea that someone who knows nothing of me outside of my professional environment honestly believes they can tell me what I am allowed and not allowed to take offense at. Whenever someone tells me that I should or shouldn't feel a certain way, they get filed in the people I really don't want playing an important part in my life. But why is this anyone's response? I mean, I don't respond this way. If I offend someone, inadvertently or not, and I am made aware of it by them, I will apologize, correct my behavior, and move on. I will not tell them that they shouldn't be offended by my behavior. I especially will NOT continue in the behavior that caused offense and think all is well because I instructed the person NOT to be offended.

I mean, THAT sort of behavior would finger me as a clueless fucking idiot.

This exact scenario happened to me by a person I will loosely call a colleague. If she brings it up AGAIN, I'll explain to her exactly why her behavior is offensive. For the second time. Maybe she needs repetition for it to sink in.

14 April 2010

An untimely end

And no, I didn't do it. This was a big pig. I think it probably left a pretty significant dent in the car that did it. There were two of these. The horror of the first pig's untimely demise prevents me from showing you what happened. This guy must have been an afterthought.

09 April 2010

Are You a Prairie Chicken?

Yesterday, I stopped by the Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR. I don't know squat about prairie chickens. I know they gather on leks and compete for mates. Off the top of my head, I'd guess they look a little like a grouse.

Hence, I thinking I didn't see a prairie chicken today. Too bad, I couldn't come back tomorrow when they were having their annual hootnanny and were taking people out to the "mob grounds". I bet I'd have seen a prairie chicken tomorrow. Alas, the road is my middle name and by tomorrow, I'll be half a state away.

Here's what I did see.

A few cows. (Gotta keep that short-grass prairie short!)

What a beautiful prairie!

Coincidence? You Decide

Only in Texas do they have to feed the deer to get them to come to your yard.

The question rather asks itself, doesn't it?


Is this somehow related to the three signs that preceded it? Disturbing thought.

08 April 2010

What a difference a day makes

Today, I have a lot of things I didn't have yesterday.

A farmers tan.

Two plants I didn't have for my research.

A shower.

I want to how you some of the plants I've encountered in Texas. Wildflower season is upon them.