16 August 2010

Oklahoma is interesting

I'm assuming some sort of swallow nest and not the world's largest honey bee colony.

Probably a rare plant.

Nifty red rock canyons.

Reminiscent of Long Canyon. Ok, not really.

It was beautiful.

Bonus: snow cones!

15 August 2010

Damselfly or Dragonfly?

I think the difference between a dragonfly and a damselfly is the ability to close the wings over the back when at rest. In any event, this little one from Red Rock Canyon, OK, had the ability.

14 August 2010

My Traveling Companion

Meet Ivy. Sweet girl. She's 23.

Inquisitive mind.

Hard worker.I am reminded of how green I was on the camping front on my first road trip with Liv. It was painful to watch her struggle with her tent the first time in the dark.

She's got it now.

Another one bites the dust

Like a red rubber ball

I am not a morning person. I don't get to see many of these. Let's savor this moment.

08 August 2010

This man is my hero

Granted this is an old picture. Before he became a husband. Or a papa.

But he saved my ass and kept me from looking like a complete idiot in front of important people.

And that, is what friendship is all about.

This is my friend. Always will be.

To you, J.