04 January 2009

Spontaneity is another word for pissing your life away

It was another wild weekend in southern Illinois. Nat, one of my colleagues from my masters days, was back in town. We met up for a little Thai food, a few drinks. It's all good. Met her new boyfriend (totally cute), and a colleague of hers from her doctoral days who apparently just got a position in our zoology department. If one can overlook the fact that all of the bars that appeal to the undergraduate crowd were closed (for reasons unknown) and that the spill over included my favorite "adult" haunts, it was still a fun night.

Bek called Saturday morning with an offer of free venison if I'd come and help her butcher a deer. What is D's favorite food? Free food! So Saturday and Sunday afternoon were spent slicing and dicing and becoming better acquainted with freezer paper and mammalian anatomy. I now have about 15 pounds of frozen venison and Bek has 2-3 times that, plus ribs and ground venison to come.

I sewed up the sleeve on my new down jacket and have been enjoying the heck out of being so warm. Saturday it was unusually warm around here--we even had threat of thunderstorms--but today, finally, it was cold enough for me to wear my jacket out. And it is a toasty, toasty thing.

And I have been reading posts from D-friends strung far and wide over this holiday season--mostly feeling very jealous about other's exploits when I have been stuck in boring old Midwestia. It has been a very lonely break. I'm anxious for D-friends to return.

But it hasn't all been bleak. In Chicago, there is a restaurant---nah, a mecca--called Portillo's. Portillo's is the home of the Chicago-style Italian beef. D found an entire stash of Portillo's beef and gravy in her freezer. So while you are having serious fun in the snow, I dare you to find anything as magnificent as the Portillos Italian beef that I will be enjoying all week.

Which brings up an axiom a la D: jealousy loves company.

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