13 December 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

So a few weeks ago, I got this idea. And I had to get some things in order before I could start making my idea a reality.

First, I had to get this.
Cause really. You haven't lived until you've used Gorilla glue.

And I tried to borrow one of these. Honest, I did. But something was calling me and I had to have one for my very own. BUT....it was the only tool I purchased for this project and it cost less than $20.

Mmm. New tool toys. I likey how it's all shiny. Oh, and then there was wood. I had the guys at my local lumber yard pre-cut the wood. You know, because I'm a pansy. Total cost with wood screws and attachment nuts/bolts: $30.

I laid it out. Doesn't it look nice? Oh, and there's my orange hat. I'm already catching grief over my orange hat, but it was cold in the garage last night. You know what I say? No time like the present to get started on a project. So about 5 pm last night, I got going.

Looks like Frankenstein.

OOoooh, gorilla glue. Just makes ya happy.

Then on went the face board. Got to put those wood screws to use. Hope I didn't screw up!

Cause it's on now. Not to worry. Perfectly level!

Let's stand it up and admire our work for a bit! Very nice.

I thought I'd quit here for the night, but it was only about 6:45. So I decided to go to JoAnn Fabrics and pick up some bonded polyester for this job. Got back home at about 7:30 pm. Then I thought, "what the heck, why not keep going?" So the next step was to apply the foam I bought last week. Oh yeah, cost of foam $37. First I needed a little spray adhesive.

This can isn't going to work so well without a nozzle! After cussing a lot and eating some dinner, I head to Walmart for spray adhesive WITH a nozzle. 9:15, I'm back in business. Cost of spray adhesive, $4.60.

Foam stuck. Time to take this baby indoors for the detail work. Did I mention this was heavy. Hella heavy. Had to get it in the house between thunderstorms.

Right about now, I'm thinking I'm in the home stretch. Really, just two, more steps to this. First, you lay it out on a bed of bonded polyster. On sale at JoAnn's, by the way, for $8.

More staple gunning and voila!

Same approach for the fabric. I'll remind you that the fabric cost $25. When the fabric went on, I wasn't happy with how loose the play in the fabric seemed to be. I decided I needed to give the fabric another go. And that would have to wait. So at 11, I gave up and went to bed. This morning around 11, I headed by to Walmart for deeper staples and tried again. Cost of new staples, $3.50.

Much better! Now to do those pesky legs.

First, you wrap them in polyester and then cover them in fabric.

DONE!!! Time for assembly.

Whew! I am glad that fit! I'm kinda sloppy about my measurements, so when something slides right in where you wanted it, it's a miracle!

Time to dress that bed and enjoy the fruits of my efforts.

I had the bed made and was leaning about the new headboard at 5:44 pm Sunday. Except for the irritating nozzle issue with the spray adhesive and the need for longer staples for the actual upholstery part with the fabric. I didn't really have any screw ups. This was a totally fun project and except for bending over and making my thigh muscles sore...it wasn't all that taxing physically.

26 hour project. I talked on the phone a lot, slept in late and still got this custom-made padded headboard done for about $100. Not a bad day's work.