10 March 2010

I'd like you to meet my little friend

Meet Chance. My sister's dog. Aging cocker spaniel. Severe seizure disorder. On regular meds for it.

My sister is in Salt Lake this week. Toole to be precise. Chance is in Illinois. With me.

Ok. I'm just going to be frank with you. I have never trusted this dog. And can we talk? My sister has never gone overboard on the discipline thing.

Shall we say this dog rules the roost? He behaves like a cretan? He lacks basic manners? He is picky? He is demanding? He is everything that makes people cringe when they think of dogs.

Amazingly, with looks like that, no one seems to care. I'd like to see Jake getting away with some of the crap this dog pulls.

Just look at him.

He's up to something I tell you.

Notice the beady little eyes. Only a mastermind can pull off that look.

That wet nose is just a diversion to keep you from seeing the true evil lurking beneath. That nose is what allowed him to sniff out the cat or rabbit that he saw and fly out of the yard causing me to be late for an appointment and have to spend a half hour looking for him.

And that was day 1. Now he only goes out on a leash. God, I hate walking a dog on a leash.

Exhibit #2. Floppy ears. Never trust someone with floppy ears.

Oh that face may say "happy go lucky", but trust me, something stinks in Denmark.

Or more appropriately, something stinks in my living room. And it's the pile of crap and three (!!!) places he peed on my carpet last night.

So I got my dinner in the oven at 9:45 last night after pulling out the carpet cleaner and giving half my living room a going over.

Evil, evil dog.

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