23 May 2011

My greatest fear

My greatest fear if I take this job and move to Kentucky is that I will die of boredom.  Kentucky just holds no allure for me anymore.  And living with my sister?  And her son?  And that God-awful dog of his?

And working my butt off and wondering when I'll find the time to do my research?  But it's just the knowing that I have done just about every touristy thing that area has to offer, and knowing that few adventures await just makes me so very ho-hum about the whole thing.

The job was great.  The people at the job were great.  The town is pretty.  And small.  But ok.  And everything is great.  I just don't know.


  1. Yeah, big scary changes! Inevitable wherever you go, and maybe this is just a stepping stone... goal one was to get a job: check! Next goal is to get a better one! You can always escape to my neck of the woods for a mountain hike. And you can count on showing me around your neck of the woods! It'll be all new to me, so you can vicariously experience it for the first time (again). :) be happy Liz. You're employed!

  2. Oh, and guess what? One of my new colleagues at the new place is one of J's former lab mates. Small world, huh? Guess we can swap J stories. Heehee.