10 July 2011

I swear I'm still alive

It has been a whirlwind summer.  I got a full-time job that I LOVE working for the forest service.  I got a full-time job for next year teaching in Kentucky.  I have tried, but generally failed to get some research done while working full time this summer.  The problem here is that my job if physically taxing and time-consuming.  On my three days off per week, I generally have to rest one, get things done around the house on the other, and have but a single day to devote to research.  Take on top of that an illness that I was able to work through, but demanded nearly constant rest on my off hours, and I my research has suffered.

But, if there is a silver lining in this summer, it is this.  My job has taken me to the natural areas that I have failed to see in nearly eight years of living in southern IL.  And that is something I will never regret.  This job is just what I needed this summer.

Lusk Creek Canyon

The lazy Lusk Creek.

I spent an hour online trying to determine the name of the creek that provides the water for Jackson Falls. It I failed.  It might be Upper Bay Creek or Hayes Creek or something entirely different.  So, here is the unknown creek just above the falls at Jackson Falls.

I actually do work.  That's me eradicating garlic mustard.

Sitting atop Stoneface.

All in all, it's been a fun summer.  Too bad about the research.


  1. So happy that you're enjoying the summer, and that you've gotten to see some of these natural areas! Your pictures make me miss the area!