04 June 2008

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

1. I am a mountain person or a desert person, but I am definitely not a beach person.
2. Do NOT wear hiking boots onto a beach. Even if you can manage to walk, you will not be in a good mood when you get there.
3. Lactaid is not foolproof. Keep this in mind when camping, dining in fine restaurants, or on a first date.
4. After 4 days in the field, waiting in line to use the restroom seems silly.
5. Poison oak may be somewhat worse than poison ivy. Poison oak seems to spread of its own accord. At least poison ivy behaves.
6. When camping, bigger is never better.
7. Roughly 1/2 the population is male and none of them will ask me out.
8. There is not a dang thang you can do to remedy the effect of dry weather on your skin.
9. After one month, Bath & Body Works scents will get on your nerves.
10. Study something close to home. Or win the lotto. One or the other.

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