27 June 2008

New Living Arrangements

Top left: Before. Top right and bottom: After

Yesterday, despite having strained my back the day before, I tackled the problem on my new "open" living plan. The living area/dining room sans the dining room suite has been a perplexing problem. It is a 23' x 13.5' room making furniture arrangement a challenge. I don't really like the TV being the focal point of a room, so I resisted moving the entertainment center. After a lot of pondering, I gave in and moved the entertainment center along the long wall between the windows. I put the sleeper couch along the front wall near the front door, left the futon in place, and moved the la-z-boy chair across the room to the other side. The end result: Brilliant. I have to admit, I never liked having that coffee table interrupt the flow from the front door to the kitchen. Now, it's out of the way. I was even able to find a place for the chair Bek donated to one side of the entertainment center. Now I have a decent amount of open space to exercise myself and Jake. Jake has his own little "alcove" for his bed, which is out of my way. It will be interesting to see where Nevada wants her bed. Anyhoo, now I have a great setup with lots of seating and conversation areas for parties. Plus, I have a choice of seating when I actually do turn on the television, and easier access to a plug when I want to plug in my computer out there.

The real bonus here is that I was able to move the sleeper couch out of the spare bedroom. Now I have room for a sewing table in the spare bedroom. I think I'm going to wait until after the garage sale and see if I don't get enough money to afford a folding table so that the sewing table isn't a permanent fixture. I wonder if this will make me more apt to use that computer room. At the end of this little house revamp, I may feel like I'm in a completely new place!


  1. Ooh, it looks so spacious. Very nice.

  2. Awesome new arrangement Buh-wheat! Been reading your blog, even though I enjoy reading a T-shirt Madi often wears that says "Nobody Cares About Your Blog!" I sheepishly admit, I still read yours... then again, you always had a way with words. LOL
    Love your old roomie, Sue
    (disregard the e-mail I use for the google account, I still use the other one, actually)