14 December 2008

The Elusive Spontaneous Self Portrait

Jake and I went to Lake Murphysboro for a hike today. I decided that it would be a neat place to take our Christmas picture. Let's just say the art of the spontaneous self portrait takes practice. After looking at the quality of my results, I think I'm going to have to read my camera booklet and actually learn how to use this thing.

At first, no one was in the picture.

Then just me.Then just Jake.Then part of me and part of Jake.

Then there's the wet lick to the face pose.

I think this will have to do.

I decided it was best to focus on other things like a passing heron.

And Jake can be a handsome fellow.Until he gets bored.And then he gets sassy.

When your dog gives you the raspberry, it's time to go home.

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