12 May 2009

Roads Not Taken

Road trips have a strange effect on me. You wouldn't call me a people watcher. I rarely sit still long enough to watch anyone else. But when I am confined inside a car, driving alone, I occasionally will become fixated on trucks. Trucks carrying plumbing supplies. Trucks carrying windows. Trucks carrying caskets. Yes, now and again I will see the truck carrying Batesville Caskets. And all these trucks moving all these products just gets me thinking about a different life than my own.

I think of all the possible careers I could have pursued but didn't. I think about what life as a casket salesman must be like. I think of how that salesman knows every single feature of wood versus metal caskets. I think about how they have to describe the fabric on the inside. Personally, I've never had to buy a casket. When my father died, I was put in charge of picking out his cemetery plot. I suppose some might have found it in poor taste when I laid down in the grass on the plot I chose, but, you know, I had to see if it felt right. After all, that was for his eternity. But I'm sure selling caskets is a very serious business.

And what if I was in the plumbing business. I'd know all the ins and outs of copper versus PVC. I'd know all about soldering and u joints and relief valves and god knows what else. I also am fairly certain that I would be bored out of my mind. I dont think there are many things that I care enough about to sell.

Except maybe bread. And plants. I could sell plants. I could sell the shit out of plants.

But yeah, I could bake bread. I could do that. I think I could have been a musician. A violinist. Although secretly I wish I could have been a drummer. I don't think I could program computers or repair things or push papers. I need problems to solve. I need outlets for logic and reasoning. I need challenges. I suppose designing a plumbing system might do it, but I tend to think that most plumbing projects don't have deep design issues. Maybe I'm wrong. I do like working with my hands.

I think I could design games. I think I could train animals. I don't think I could be a truck driver. I could be a landscaper. No to doctoring. Yes to veterinarianing. No to day caring. Yes to teaching. There are a lot of things I could have done. I am pretty sure I have picked the right profession this time. Almost certain.

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