02 June 2009

and they're off

...just as soon as I wash Jake. Head to school. Pick up maps, traps, insect pins and chemicals. Oh, and make a few scent collection bags. I can't seem to find mine.

See you when I return. Or when I can't take it and need a shower and spring for a hotel room.

Adios. Wait. I was told not to take that bitching ride into Mexico. So, ta-ta for now!

OK, so Jake didn't get a bath. He's just going to get all dusty on this trip anyway. Sheesh. Cut a girl a break. =]

1 comment:

  1. First, did you rewrite that bit about you on the side? Becasue I love it.
    Second, HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! Can't wait to see your pics.
    Watch out for ballroom brawls.