08 July 2008

Are Socks a Substitute for Sex?

Ok, so I used to be relatively sane. Happy childhood. Normal issues. Normal life. I don't know if it is the stress of school, or some genetic predispoisition but as I get older, weird behaviors have started to emerge. I'm slowly going crazy.

Three years ago, I had a disruptive episode with compulsive behavior. My compulsion was creative to say the least. I read emails over and over again. No amount of telling myself to stop could make me stop. Not the realization that it was a useless behavior. I had to make deals with myself that I wouldn't allow this compulsion to make me miss work, miss class, or interact with friends. It did however cost me a lot of sleep. Ok, I admit that is weird. But I recognized it as a problem and tried to get some help. What I learned is that I must have been getting some stress relief from that behavior and when the stress went away, so did the behavior. Problem solved.

Now, apparently, I have a sock issue. I realize that women are supposed to go ga-ga for shoes. With me, it's socks. I have more socks than anyone you know. I have so many socks that I had to clean them out and put some in the garage sale. Some of those socks had never been worn. I purchased an organizer for the sock drawer. It holds 32 pairs of socks. I select my 32 favorite pairs and they get to stay. Everything else is up for sale. For a week, my dresser is sane and organized. But can I let it go? Hell to the no. Cause I'm crazy. I have purchased 3 new pairs of socks. They are nice socks. They were on sale. But come on. How many pairs of socks do you really need?

And...umm.....HELLO. It's SUMMERTIME. I haven't worn socks and shoes for a month now. I've got the Chacos now.

My question is, what possible benefit could I have for having so many pairs of socks? Did I have to wear hand-me-down socks as a child? Did I feel denied because my socks never matched my pants? What is UP with this behavior? I just don't get it. For now, I'm going to have to add socks to the growing list of things I have to deny myself permission to buy. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and now socks. Crazy is hella inconvenient.

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  1. "Crazy is hella inconvenient." That statement took me from chuckling to a sputtering guffaw.

    Now I'm going to have to examine my own behaviors because I'm sure I've got some weird ones, but I can't think of what they might be. Guess I could just ask Josh - I'm sure he could give you a long list.