23 July 2008

Welcome Sparky

So Bek drug me over to Petco today to buy new chew toys for her new dog, Moo Moo. Ok, so it's name isn't really Moo Moo, it's Dixie, but I still like Moo Moo. Anyway, after caring for Tammy's various critters for a week now, I noticed that her beta fish requires virtually no care. I like that sort of thing in a pet. (I am also warming up to her reptiles....maybe one day when Jake has gone to the great tennis court in the sky....*deep sigh*)

So, Petco has a virtual cornucopia of beta fish to pick from, but I'm partial to red. By the way, this is probably as close as my camera will ever get to water.

He's Sparky because he's on fire.

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