25 July 2008

Friday Half-Day Project

So I stopped by Lowe's today to pick up some odds and ends and they were having a "contractor's day" and I got a free knife (an in-store promotion for the contractors). Anyway, I got this idea for what I thought would be a quick project. After getting rid of the computer desk I had been using on my front porch as a plant stand, I needed something to get those plants off the floor.The desk was never optimal as a plant stand. I put it on the front porch because Mandy said she wanted it once and she never came and got it. So it just began to collect plants. In my house, any flat surface has a tendency to do that. Now, with the desk gone, the plant issue had become paramount. I decided on a built in. I bought three 1x8x8' pine boards and a 1x8x8' cedar board, came home and got busy.

Here is the result....

Click on the pics for a bigger image.

The whole thing is flush with the ledge that has always perplexed me about this porch. What's behind that ledge? Why is it there? It really makes no sense. In any event, the top board is cedar, so I figure if I overflow the water now and again, no big whoop. However, I used untreated pine for the rest of the bookcase and there are definite issues with warping, so the thing isn't even close to square. I had to buy a couple of L brackets and secure it to the wall lest it fall over with all my botanical treasures.

Total project cost $30 and a free knife. Total project time, about 4 hours. Although I still haven't rolled up the extension cord in the driveway. Still, not bad for a half day project, and I get a wicked bunch of room back in my porch area. It's almost pleasant to sit out here now.

Although, I have been sitting here thinking that this room would look a lot brighter if I painted it a lighter color. Any suggestions?

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