14 August 2008

Better Late Than Never

Despite having lived only an hour and a half from the Gateway Arch, I had never done more than stroll around the mall. Well today, Bek and I went all the way to the top. It was a beautiful day and we got some awesome pics. I was so proud of Bek. This was her idea and she was nervous as hell about the height. I am so glad I'm free of that phobia. So here she is..before the ride to the top. All piss and vinegar.....
It's really a cool deal. You pay your $10 bucks, you go to the elevators which look like little pods and you ride to the top.
I thought Bek was looking a little green, but so far so good!

Once at the top, Bek didn't want to lean over and look out the windows, but the view from the top was spectaular.

The view from the bottom wasn't too shabby either....

except that this picture sort of freaked me out when I got home and saw it.

Oh, and FYI...that panorama pic at the top was my first try! Not bad, I think.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I really should have gone to the arch while we lived so close. Oh well.