02 August 2008

Milwaukee rocks!

We arrived in Milwaukee last night just in time to head out for dinner and drinks on the town. We took the River Walk, had dinner at Rock Bottom (great Pale Ale, by the way). Then headed over to Moe's Irish Pub for a black and tan.

Ok, the real Black & Tan they call a Half and Half. Don't ask me why. Enjoyed the hell out of it. Been soooooooo long since I've been somewhere someone knew how to pour a Black & Tan. This is how, btw.

Here for a conference for a few more days. Enjoying some nice dinners out. The weather is fantastic. Mid 80s and no humidity! Such a change from Southern Illinois. Having a great time with all my lab mates, too....

......although ONE OF US apparently is a wild child. I'm not naming names. I'm providing photographic evidence.

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  1. Hey, is that Sara I see? When you get the chance, tell her hi for me.