26 August 2008

Hillary and Bill can't win this election

Watching the first night of the convention, I was invigorated. I was charmed by Mr. Robinson's home-spun introduction of his sister, and I was drawn into the warmth of Mrs. Obama's speech. And then I sat and watched Charlie Rose. Honestly, I wish I could tell you who the guests were. A lot of pundits I don't know by name.

And I was still feeling up and positive, right up until the moment that one of Rose's guests pointed out that on her latest trip back to her Democratic working-class roots, her people chimed in that they weren't going to vote for a black man. That this talk of "not knowing who Obama is" is just code for "I'm not pulling the lever for a nigger"?

And then my bubble burst.

I knew that race was the elephant in the room that no one was talking about. But what if I have been so incredibly naive as to think this country is ready to transcend race and gender and embrace leadership by a new generation? What if my last post is nothing but bullshit? What if it isn't about liberal vs. conservative, young vs. old, left vs. right? What if it truly is black vs. white?

If that is the case, there is nothing that Hillary supporters can do to sway this election. They will have no impact at all. They are as pie-in-the-sky as I am. Are the Democrats running under the radar to McCain because they don't want to....won't...vote for a black man?

God, I'm just a bit queasy right now.

I'm not just afraid of losing an election. I'm afraid of losing America. I'm afraid that this country will lose it's soul. For the first time in my life, I'm afraid of my countrymen.

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