23 August 2008

My Friday Rant

one day late.

Mary Carillo: Who is this woman on late night Olympics coverage? Ok, I understand that she was a world-class tennis player back in the day and it is nice to have someone who understands competition actually reporting on competition, but I can't stand her marble-mouthed delivery, and honestly, why does she insist on wearing a black shroud every night? I find my eyes drawn to her neck, which appears to be longer than either her arms or legs. It's like a train wreck, I can't avert my eyes as much as I'm repulsed by the scene. Sure, I understand that Bob Costas has to sleep sometime, but for crying out loud, there's no one else available who can speak clear English?

Dell computers: After calling India last week about a rattle in my laptop fan, I was required to remove my hard drive, wireless card, memory card, THRICE. I turned my computer on and off no less than 19 times. Despite telling them that the noise was not eminating from the speakers and answering "no" to every potential issue that might indicate a problem with the hard drive, I was told the problem was the hard drive. They sent another, which I was expected to install. The connections were wrong and when I called about it, they didn't believe me. Luckily (??), the mother board died the next day, which demanded they actually send out a technician. The technician showed me that the connectors to the hard drive are interchangeable and I could have taken those on the old drive and plugged them into the new drive (although the phone techs never mentioned that). Long story short, hard drive and mother board replaced and a week of reloading software back on the computer (which I still have not completed) and the rattle remained. Technician #2 came out and fixed it on Friday. It was the fan. So I lost a week of productivity, Dell paid for a hard drive to be replaced unnecessarily, and the problem was WHAT I TOLD THEM IT WAS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Reason #486 why I am never buying another Dell computer. Fucktards, as am I for buying from them.

On the upside, I have noticed that I can accurately identify the troublemakers/smart asses/lazy students in my classroom in the first three minutes of the first class meeting. Cheers to another semester underway!

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