15 October 2008

I've Flatlined on the Presidential Race

I watched the final debate tonight. I was bored out of my mind. I've heard it all before. And McCain wanted many, many more town hall debates? OMG, I'd be comatose by now.

I reiterate my belief that most everyone's mind is made up. PZ Myers commented that he was done with the independents. He thought they just wanted to be on TV. I'm ready for this race to be done. I'm done. I'm ready to vote. I'm thinking about going and voting on Friday. Although there is something nice about voting on THE day.

One comment on the debate, though. I was pleased that they finally began to talk about some social issues and the Supreme Court, but I was not only disappointed but actually afraid when McCain used air quotes to talk about the "health of the mother". I get the feeling that he has very, very limited ideas about what constitutes the health of a mother. Scary. Very scary.

Oh, and Obama is going to be in St Louis on Saturday. He's going to be speaking under the Arch. I am so going. No camping for me this weekend. I'll be heaving my breathless support for MyBama. I am so glad he's coming and I'm getting this chance. I'm excited as hell. Is that possible? Tired of the race. Tired of the pundits. Tired of the negative campaign ads. Tired of the drama that is mostly made up. But excited to see my next President.

I wish you could see me. I'm grinning from ear to ear.

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