18 October 2008

100,000 Strong for Obama: A Photo Journal

I was a part of history today. I attended Barack Obama's campaign rally in St. Louis under the Gateway Arch. The sky was clear, the weather was temperate and the crowd was exciting and in amazingly good spirits.

100,000 joined me to hear our next president speak. In case you've never been in a crowd of 100,000, all you can say is WOW. I found the event very well organized, which actually amazed me because I had heard that the venue was picked only a few days ahead. Crowd control was fantastic. The police at the security station were were organized, efficient, and pleasant. In fact, I can't say anything negative at all about how the city, city representatives, the Obama campaign, organizers, attendees, and even vendors conducted themselves. Kudos to all! St. Louis rocks!

I can also say I was somewhat surprised that the event was so diverse. I expected high African-American and white turnout, but I was actually surprised at the level of turnout of Asian Americans and Latino/as. It wasn't uncommon to see three generations of families present. It was all peace and love and support for Barack Obama.

We had a group of 8. I didn't realize it, but I was the driving force behind our little contingency. I sign up to get updates from Barack Obama's official site. No one else who came with knew about the event until I started talking about it. In any event, we had a fantastic time.

And Barack Obama did not disappoint. He was charming, relaxed (well, as relaxed as a guy can be speaking in front of 100,000 people), forceful at times, and inspiring. His speech, as I remember it focused primarily on his tax package, stories about pie (the economy), health care, and getting out the vote. I left inspired. I'm committed to volunteering in Missouri the weekend before the election. You can thank Barack for giving me the motivation to get up off my ass and make a difference this time. But, this is an election of firsts for me. I have never become involved in any way in a presidential election before, other than voting of course. Before Barack Obama, I have never sent money to a political candidate. Before Barack Obama, I have cared enough to go hear a candidate speak. Before Barack Obama, I wouldn't have dreamed of sticking out my neck or pulling on my coat and working for a candidate. I hope after November 4, I'll be able to say that I was a part of this grand thing that happened during my lifetime. I was a part of the change in America.

It was history and I was there!

Go America! GoBAMA!!!!!

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Update: I find it interesting that the big news out of this rally was the number of people it drew. All the photos from this event focus on the crowds. It was impressive. In one day, Missouri rallies drew 175000 people. This is momentum for change.


  1. It's definitely impressive to see this. But I think what will make history is what people do in the next few years. Can you imagine if just 5% of those people started volunteering in their local community if they aren't already? That could make history.

  2. They were signing up volunteers outside in the lines as fast as they could. I'm volunteering the weekend before the election in Missouri.

  3. I agree with Rufus. After getting as involved as we have with local politics, I can't imagine going back my previous level of apathy. I really hope others feel the same.

    And that looks like an awesome gathering. Wish we could have joined you guys!