23 October 2008

Smug one up for Daktari

D is feeling very smug at the moment? Why, you ask?

Because of this. The Economist is a day late and a dollar short. I beat them to the punch with my post on Obamacans. I agree with this opinion piece. This isn't a matter of rats jumping ship when it is apparent it is sinking.

Those prominent Obamacans remind me of something someone said about me once. "You will lead in the absence of real leadership." Colin Powell, Susan Eisenhower, Chris Buckley, George Will, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Dennis Hopper, and Christopher Hitchens (although I don't consider Hitchens a "real" Republican) headline the "celebrity Obamacans". After 8 years of Bush/Cheney co-captains victory-at-any-cost approach, the starting lineup and second string acknowledge defeat, but realize the only way to show good sportsmanship is to walk over to the opposing team and shake their hands and hope that they bring their fans with them.

I'm beginning to realize that there really is a leadership gap in this country. When we can't and don't look to our elected leaders for leadership, it is time to take matters into our own hands. J and I have been discussing ways to make a difference, but oddly enough, I think I might actually be ready to do something. And not some small thing. You know, before I didn't have a lot of faith my ability to make a difference. That's one thing that graduate school has taught me. I can. The world is different than it was. Of course, so am I, but something else is going on here.

It's time for change and I'm not willing to wait on someone else to effect that change for me. I'm ready. Come along. I have big things in store.

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