22 February 2009

Birthdays and Birds

Last night, I went to a grad student b'day party. We played Trivial Pursuit. I haven't played Trivial Pursuit in at least 15 years. I used to enjoy it quite a bit. I figured I was going to be toast since I haven't kept up on things like music and TV and certainly not popular literature. But lo and behold, Bin and I took an early and commanding lead. Apparently, I was paying attention to the news over the years and that helped us quite a bit. In fact, I even think I impressed a few of the grad students who assumed I was old and out-of-touch. Yes, my team spanked those youngsters and a few of them vowed never to play Trivial Pursuit with me again. Hehe.

But the biggest congratulations goes to Bin who knew that there were capers in some sauce that I had never heard of. Of course, I knew the answer to the question about the America's Cup. NO ONE else even knew what the America's Cup was. However, I was disappointed that no one knew who Theodore Geisel was. So this morning, I have decided to describe the birds at my feeder in his honor.

Today I put out suet block
and seeds and fruit and veggies chopped
the birds took notice, oh yes indeed
they noticed all my lucious seed

They chirped and chatted and jumped about
at first I thought the cat was out
But in the cold they spread the word
Along their network just for birds

"Come one! Come all!" They seemed to shout.
"The lady put the birdseed out.
The good kind and some fat cake, too.
If you don't come, and quickly, too
There may not be much left for you!"

Before a finger you could snap
The birds desended flap, flap, flap
Yellow birds, red birds, grey and blue
The greasy, green-black grackles, too.

They flit and flapped and pushed and prodded,
The brimming, bursting feeders spotted.
They ate until their bellies full,
Sagged over their feet. It was cruel.

Their bellies full, their wings at rest,
They must have thought my seeds the best.
Sitting on the clothesline wire
They rested for their beaks were tired.

At last recovered, they flew away.
Oh, they'll be back another day.
As long as I have seed to give.
Lucious, wonderful seed to live.

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    p.s. nice poem