21 February 2009

My Environmental Weekend

2:00-5:45 AM. Wake up and turn off space heater I left on. Begin internet work on class assignment for lab this morning. Using laptop, plugged in.
7:00-8:15 AM. Alarm. Bathroom break. Wash hands, brush teeth, shower, style hair. Temperature in the house is ~55 F. Eat a banana. Threw peel in regular garbage.
8:15-8:45 AM. Drive 15.3 miles to school.
8:45-9:00 AM. Retrieve the PCR product that ran overnight. (Thermocycler running all night to keep samples at 4 C). Bathroom break.
9-9:35 AM. Lab meeting for 117.
9:35-10 AM. Printed out the 8-page lab assignment for 301i. Made 50 copies, double-sided. Paper use: 200 sheets + staples + electricity for copier.
10:00 AM-1:00 PM. Teach 301i. Drink 2 cups of coffee. 2 bathroom breaks. Predictable.
1:00-3:00 PM. Lab work. Email. Prepare an agarose gel for PCR product from this morning and run it out. Reusable materials used: Erlenmeyer flask, graduated cylinder, gel electrophoresis apparatus, funnel, spoon. Wash everything. Return used buffer to used buffer jar. Return buffer and PCR samples to cooler. Dispose of two pairs of latex gloves, agarose gel, and kim wipes in Hazardous Waste Container (contaminated with ethidium bromide.) Wash hands.
3:00-4:00 PM. Departmental Seminar. Good job on your presentation, Liv. Bathroom break.
4:30-5:15 PM. Drinks at the Cellar. Congrats Liv!
5:15-5:45 PM. Drive 15.3 miles home.
5:45-6:20 PM. Run Jake. Feed Jake. Pet Jake. Check email. Phone friends. Temperature in the house is 62 F. Bathroom break.
6:20 PM. Drive 31.07 miles to dinner with friends. Wash hands. Bathroom break.
9:30 PM. Drive 31.07 miles home. Bathroom break.
10:30-11:00 PM. Check email. Play on computer. Bathroom break. Temperature in the house is 60 F. Should drop to 55F overnight.

9:45 AM-12:00 PM. Awake. Bathroom break. Wash hands, brush teeth. Feed Jake. Let Jake out. Don't check temperature in house but by golly, it's cold. Back to bed. Check email. Play on computer and talk on phone.
12:00 PM. Drink a breakfast drink (glass bottle). Do dishes. Boil some pasta for lunch. More dishes. Set up to collect my garbage use. Clean out the fridge. Find a half gallon of buttermilk, a quart of regular milk, a half gallon of soy milk and 7 cans of yogurt all significantly past their use dates. Empty all of them in the sink, rinse out the containers and place them in the recycling bags with the empty glass bottle. Earmark 2 containers of old lettuce, a bag of greens, an unopened pkg of tofu and some old baby carrots for a school "under-sink" vermicomposting project. Cut up old mango and 5 old oranges for the birds/outside critters.
1:00 PM. Write the vermicomposting center to ask for free red wigglers. Write professor to see if school will purchase a plastic container for the project.
2:00 PM. Begin this diary. Reconstruct my life over the past 36 hours for your enjoyment. Enjoy! Make a plan for dinner. Make a list for grocery on back of used envelope. Maybe I shouldn't buy any more yogurt for a while.

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