23 February 2009

Rogue horse in Paris

My French is rather rusty, but from what I can piece together of this title, it's something like "Rogue Horse Stopped by the Police", which would make sense, or maybe they actually mean "Rogue Horse Arrested by the Police", which would be cute. Well, as cute as a rogue horse running rampant through the Paris streets can be. These things are always amazing to me that no one gets hurt and the animal isn't struck by a car.

In any event, having been on the back of a horse once that decided to go "rogue", I can understand the helplessness that the police must have felt. However, the person leaning out the car window was probably extremely lucky that s/he wasn't able to get hold of the horse. I imagine it would have pulled him/her out of the car window and onto the street. I thought we were going to see a Darwin Award winner for sure!

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