28 May 2010


This was my breakfast.

Poached eggs a la silicone poach pods and a fresh loaf of homemade ciabatta. I got a new cookbook from America's Test Kitchen show. I've never seen the show, but apparently it's on PBS. In any event, they had far too many pork recipes for my tastes and not enough bread, but they do explain why they are doing each step and what it achieves in the way of rising. It is one of the first books that allowed me to actually understand the why behind baking.

It was damn good. I'm making more today. Did I mention that my car is in the shop and I'm stuck at home? Ok, there's that.

This is a weird bread to make because the loaves are flat. In fact, you have to overwork the dough to make them flat and not rise.

And the dough is extremely wet. Think Jabba the Hutt.

And by some miracle, it turns into these awesome, mouth-watering loaves.

That are just fun to hold.

But even better to eat. I prefer it with a bit of honey.

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