30 May 2010

Keep it out of the landfill

Illinois actually has a state law that prohibits the dumping of lawn waste into landfills. So what to do with all this stuff? Compost.

Here's my $50, 2-hour project to stop paying to have my lawn waste hauled away.

Four cement blocks @ $1.49 ea. 8 landscape timbers @ $4.75/ea. 4 3/8" x 2' rebars @ $1.69/ea. Total cost with tax: under $50. Ok, not counting the two replacement drill batteries ($59 at Home Depot) that I had to buy to finish this job. I would have had to buy batteries anyway.

It was easy. Just drill half way through the ends of the first two timbers and lay them on the blocks. Insert the rebar in the holes. Then drill holes all the way through all remaining timbers and slide them over the rebars, Lincoln log fashion.

Stacked and ready for action!

Let's get composting!

I put in some rotted mulch I've had sitting on my garden for two years. That brought in a lot of, well, rotted organic matter and night crawlers and other creepy crawlies.

I threw in some old dog food bags I was storing in the shed that's being taken down this summer.


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