20 May 2010

Why is Google the most frequent visitor to my blog?

You know, I was really thinking I had a fan. And honestly, I'm normally not some sort of stalker. But I don't know anyone in Mountain View, California. Hell, I barely know anyone (outside of a professional relationship) in California. And when I look at my site tracker stats and I see that a someone from Mountain View, California, has visited my site every single day....well, a D is gonna get curious.

So I copied the IP address from sitemeter and googled it. And turns out, I was googling Google. For some reason, the most frequent visitor to my blog (far more frequent a visitor than even I am) is Google. I assume they are scanning my blog for photos and key words.

That's kind of scary. That's kind of direct-link-to-the-worldwide-web that I'm not sure I'm comfortable with. It is making me think that using blogspot, gmail, and Google as my main blog host, email host, and search engine probably isn't a good idea.

So, while I love the hits I was getting, I'm not exactly sure I am ready to have the world reading everything I write. It was fun when this was a blog for just my friends and me to exchange ideas, daily thoughts and funny anecdotes. This whole scanning my blog for the outside world idea is a little creepy.

Any of you have similar things happening?

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