13 January 2011

Life Lists

So, I have a life list. And skiing was on it. And Liv and D-ennis and I took care of this one-word entry on the list. And it was an interesting thing, skiing. For instance, I learned that the guys who load you on the ski lift are called "Liftees" not "Lift Technicians" or "Guys Leading You to Your Death with a Smile". I also learned that D-ennis had actually been employed as a Liftee in the past. I learned about teleskiing although, honestly, I was too tired to watch Liv when she actually demonstrated any of it.

And we got these beautiful pictures. Honestly, I didn't spend all my time flat on my back. Sometimes I had my skis in the air while traveling downhill, backwards, at a high rate of speed, ski poles twirling in the air above me like I was stirring an imaginary pot, while I worked on developing an impacted snow wedgie. Damn, it was exciting.

Thanks to Liv and D-ennis for:

1) not allowing me to wipe out on the chair lift exit.
2) not allowing me to break any bones.
3) giving sufficient instruction and support so that, even if I didn't actually master skiing, I felt like I'd done well.
4) taking pictures that captured a beautiful day in the sun and the snow.

I will totally be doing this again. Just as soon as I heal up.

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