17 January 2011

A Year in Pictures

My Ten Most Memorable Moments of 2010

1. Saying hello to Eagan Blaine for the first time.

2. Saying goodbye to Jake for the last time.

3. The day I met this guy and realized we were meant for each other.

4. Watching my dear friend take her first steps in a new life.

5. Finding this on the side of the road not 30 miles north of the Mexican border and being stopped by border patrol every 10 minutes, having my car illegally searched, then being buzzed by a helicopter...all for daring to stop and smell the Abronia.

6. Laying eyes on the Grand Canyon for the first time.  Magnificent. 

7. Saying so long to this one and having to face the reality of my last year of grad school alone.  Not that I hold a grudge, mind you. I think a closer call would be that I envy her.

8. Realizing that this.....
is not preferable to this.

Even if this isn't the end of the road.

9. Getting one of these to bloom in the Midwest.
And finally......
10. Ending my year in a better place than where I started.


  1. Hooray for a good year! Here's to a wonderful 2011 full of adventure, surprise and many good things.

  2. What a wonderful post. So positive and hopeful. This next year will be a good one Liz, I can feel it in my bones.

    And come visit anytime the envy gets too unbearable. I'll fight it off with my loneliness. =)

  3. Seriously, Liv. I think you need to make an excuse to come to Midwestia in Feb/Mar so we can make another trip to MoBot for the orchid show.