18 January 2011

Old Dogs

I've spent a lot of time over the last half a decade with old dogs.  I have a certain admiration for them.  I know this might sound unusual, but I miss them.  That's why I have a special place in my heart for this girl.

Mags is a great old dog.   She is slow, purposeful, and fun.  She runs and keeps up with the Jacks, but she is sore at night. She sleeps hard.  She carves out a place on the couch and no one would think to move her from her perch.  Except maybe Jack.  Those youngsters, they just don't get it.

Don't get me wrong.  Puppies and young dogs are great fun, but old dogs have lessons to teach.  They watch where they step.  The don't rush in blindly.  They teach us the value of taking our time.  And you don't even know how it happens, but one day you just realize that there's no need to bark orders or give instructions.  The two of you just know the other's ways.  They know what is expected and they do it.  And if they don't, so what?  A couple of extra treats at night?  What does it matter?

Mags is a great old dog and a classy lady.


  1. Love it, Liz. Great post. Great take on what it means to be an old dog...

    'cept for the part about 'watching where you step'... the crazy pooch walked right across a patch of cactus on Sunday and I spent the evening pulling spines from her paws. Doofus. =)

  2. Well really, Liv. Cut her some slack. She didn't grow up in the West. Midwestia has far fewer of those things with sharp spines to contend with.

  3. Yeah, but shouldn't one experience with such wretchedness be enough to teach her to stay the $#@* away? EVERY SINGLE TIME. She refuses to learn and then wonders why her feet hurt. Stubborn old lady. But I love her just the same.