25 September 2008

McChicken Little: The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling

Ok, only a quick note this morning because I have to teach and I can't find the slides the kids are supposed to use.

John McCain has suggested that both presidential candidates suspend their campaigns and cancel the debate this Friday to concentrate on passing a bailout for the beleaguered financial markets (i.e., Wall Street). He is actually saying he's not going to show up for the debate unless some bailout is passed by Friday.


If you are very, very quiet, I think you can hear John McCain blink. How do you feel about a candidate that wants the world to stop so he can concentrate? On a crisis (supposedly) that no one has *IMO* given a strong and compelling reason the American public should shoulder. Weigh in with your opinion here.

I guess we should stop the world for McCain, because, you know, a president might not have to deal with the pressures of two wars, suicide bombings in Israel and Pakistan, the escalation of a new Cold War, your daughter's illegitimate pregnancy and underage drinking problems, and an economic crisis of epic proportions at the same time.

Ok, IMO, John McCain has already suspended his campaign by his own failure to have his ticket communicate with the American public to the legitimate news media. But let's give the old man some slack. The youthful running mate isn't much help in the economic department either. An interview between Sarah Palin and Katie Couric emerged last night. She doesn't think America is interested in Obama's approach to this crisis? Is she daft? And the McCain ticket doesn't want to help homeowners who are caught between the cross-hairs because they made bad decisions and doing so might help predatory lenders. She can't even offer even one specific example of McCain's pushing for more regulation on anything without "getting back to ya". Spoiler warning: it's painful to watch. She just keeps repeating the ticket's idiotic lies and rambles incoherently.

Another video emerged of this witch-hunting African preacher praying for Sarah Palin to win the governor's house. Hat tip to Mudflats, where you can find breaking and facinating updates on the Troopergate investigation.

Happy Thursday!

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