14 September 2008

Morus Fiesta!

Last night, Olivia, Tammy, Elizabeth, Bin and I went to the Apple Festival. Olivia and I rode the biggest, baddest carny ride they had available. I think it was called 1001 Arabian Nights. Probably because that is how long it will take before you stop being dizzy. I called it a vomit rocket. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of that.

We listened to a few really bad fiddle players in the bluegrass fiddle competition, and one or two really good ones. Why does it seem that all the great fiddle players these days are women? Interesting, I thought.

I do have pictures of dinner (insert your favorite double or triple entendre comment here):

These two awesome ladies are Elizabeth and Olivia. Elizabeth does a damn good job on the piano, and Olivia is, in fact, not just a great tour guide to the west, but also a world-class screamer on scary carny rides. She does upside down at 70 mph pretty good. Doesn't she look fearless?

Damn tootin', mister.

Then we toured around the festival. Here's the ever popular carousel.

The midway shot:

Delicious and nutritious food offerings. I highly recommend the carmel apples smothered in peanuts.

And some of the other entertainment available.

We had a very nice evening, topped off by beer and great conversation at Olivia's house. Well, Tammy's beer holder gave out half way home, but we had plenty to share. And as for Liv's insistence that southern Illinois does not have a beer selection, I pony up this evidence. I will admit that the selection isn't great, but it is slightly more than just Bud. After all, I can CLEARLY see that there is also Bud Light.

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  1. I have fond memories of going there with you, Beckie & Matt. J and I had spiked up hair, and got many terrified looks from parents. I think somewhere I have a picture of you crouched down, looking like you're trying to drink milk from a cardboard cow's udder. Hmm, must find this photo. ;-)

    Glad you had a good time at the Apple Festival. Sorry we couldn't join the festivities.