03 September 2008

Rudy Guliani is an Asswipe

"Barack Obama moved to Chicago and got a job as a community organizer. (pause for effect, followed by a sarcastic:) What?"

Rudy Guiliani was somehow under the impression that he was invited to a Friar's roast, not the Republican Convention. I watched a great deal--but certainly not all--of the Democratic Convention and I don't recall ONCE anyone making fun and belittling John McCain. Why is Barack Obama not worthy of the same treatment? It is one thing to have a fundamental difference of opinion based on politics and policy. It is quite another to make belittle and poke fun of a man's service to underserved communities. Who the hell is this idiot?

I have little problem with the rest of Guiliani's speech. You want to question Obama's leadership, judgement, etc., have at it. But how the hell can you make fun of a man for choosing to help underserved and depressed communities?

Rudy Guliani's speech serves as another screaming example of why mayors are not fit to lead this country. While Guliani gave one of the most inflammatory, dishonest, and morally bankrupt speeches of the entire Convention, I am please to say that Mike Huckabee sat stone-faced, kept his seat, and didn't clap and cheer at Guliani's inflammatory statements. When the Republican primaries were underway, I had the greatest differences of opinion with Huckabee, but he has shown himself to be the most respectful person in the hall.

And did anyone else notice that Cindy McCain was babysitting Trig? Or is it Track? Or is it Moon Soleli Frye? Wonder if she is going to do that after the election as well.


  1. Hmm... as you'd see on my latest post, I interpreted it differently. It seemed to me like he was going to breeze past it until people broke out laughing. He definitely seemed taken aback at the "only in America" laughter.

  2. Interestingly, the blogosphere seems split on RG's affect, on whether he was legitimately trying to praise Obama (before taking him down) or if he was sarcastically hamming it up with the crowd.

    Of course, it doesn't help his case that he *is* a venal and smarmy sumbitch, but I got the impression he was taken aback because, to me, his praise in the wind-up of how Obama was an organizer and how his story could "only happen in America" was meant to be pro forma and not the punchline itself. It looked to me like he expected to go on, only cutting himself off when it seemed he should pause for the laughter. But really, in the end, who knows what lurks in the heart of rich white men?