12 September 2008

What Did You Just Call Me?

The other day, Pat Buchanan and Chris Matthews got in a shouting match (about 2:09 into this video) when Buchanan refered to Palin as a "gal". Matthews rightly said that the appropriate term for a female vice-presidential candidate is not a "gal", you refer to her as a "woman". I can't believe I'm saying this, but Chris is right.

So to avoid these kinds of injustices in the world from ever happening again, I am going on record as officially co-opting the word "gal" to describe women.

Listen up gentlemen.....you are no longer allowed to use this word to describe me or my sisters. Got it?

I'm allowed to use this word to describe other women (not that I would because there is nothing so apt to finger you as a geezer as saying something as unhip as "gals"), but, you know, we have a shared cultural experience that you just wouldn't understand by virtue of having a "package" between your legs.

Oh we are still allowed to call you guys, dudes, dogs, pigs, man-sluts or anything else we like, but the term "gals" is off limits.

You want to see the wrath of God? Let Pat Buchanan use the G-word when half the nation has PMS.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh! Yeah, that's not okay. I'm just waiting until someone my grandparents' age refers to her publicly as a "nice young lady". That phrase is like nails on a chalkboard to me anymore, especially when the person is over 18. And REALLY when they're older than me.

    On a semi-related topic, J and I have modified the use of the word "guy" to describe someone who is hypermasculine in that annoying, cocky (heh heh), condescending or jerkish way. So there are men, dudes, fellas, and then there are "guys". We even say it with a semi-disgusted tone.