14 September 2008

Latest completed house project: The photo wall

OK, you guys have heard me moan about the expanse of living room that was opened up by the sale of the FAR TOO LARGE dining room suite that went to Bek. I finally DID paint the wall (evidence herein), and--taking a cue from IKEA (pages 340-341) and Olivia (who explained to me what she did, even if I didn't see it until later)--began to create a wall of photos. A well timed sale by my local WalMart (which seems to be getting rid of ALL their current stock of photo frames) helped and I decided my only criteria was that the frame had to be black and the mat--if any--had to be stark white. Other than that, anything goes.

The photos are all photos I took. There are no people or dogs in any of these. This is, for the moment, nothing more than a botanical/travel wall. Landscapes and portrait-type stuff. I think if you click on the photo, you might be able to see the actual photos themselves.

I'm not sure I'm done with this project yet. I'm toying with the idea of going all the way, floor to ceiling, with the photos.

Any comments/thoughts?

Edit: there is one picture of some assassin bugs mating, so the zoological crowd can get off my back!


  1. I can't get over how nice this looks. I wouldn't go floor to ceiling--I think that would end up be overwhelming and diminish each picture. You could add one or two more, but stick with the design you have.

  2. Did you see the one on the Ikea site? I love your photo wall, too. Different, but both neat-o, huh?

  3. That is really cool. If only we had a blank wall to fill...