02 November 2008


What is your vote worth? CLick to enlarge this interesting graphic from the NY Times today. Why don't electoral college votes represent equitable population numbers?

I believe this is what is called "going rogue".

Despite China's assertion that its economy continues to grow at its historical rates, is it any surprise that contraction in the global market is going to adversely affect China's export business? As I have said casually, I think that deflation in the energy market has come as China's export market collapses. Without the need for China's cheap goods, the global demand for energy is going to plummet. Not much to do about that for now. My question is, what is this going to do to China's growing influence in the world? Do they have the infrastructure to bounce back from this after the crises eases?

Has anyone but me noticed that it is a stark contrast between the political shows on Sunday morning and the religious shows that follow them?

Daylight savings time has ended. Put back your clocks. I hate regular time. It is punishment enough that the days get shorter in the winter without exacerbating the problem by making certain that it is dark before I even get out of work.

Watched a wonderful show this morning called Donniebrook, a local St Louis news commentary program on KETC Channel 9 hosted by the self-identified Provocateur Martin Duggan. In a sort of homespun approach, Duggan leads his guests to comment on local and national issues as they pertain to Missouri. I'm reminded of Garrison Keillor, only intelligent and humorous. Its elderly host runs a tight ship, the guests can disagree without being disagreeable. It is exactly the kind of partisan discussions that we wish our politicians could aspire to.
But where did they get that ugly green lampshade?

Money-savings tips that I completely agree with. Depending upon your interests and opportunities, these may or may not be of benefit to you.

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