02 November 2008

Strories from the political field

If you want to see exactly how vibrant, how motivated, and how organized the Obama campaign really is, read this. I've posted my story. Read some others.

Yesterday, on my way back from volunteering, I spoke again with my Gram. Although I thought she had already decided to vote for Obama, turns out she had only decided not to vote for President. When I told her that I had given my Saturday, put 160 miles on my car, paid for the gas out of my own pocket, headed to a small town to talk to total strangers and to get them enthusiastic about the election and to motivate them to vote (and to take everyone they know with them to the polls), she was impressed.

She told me that she guessed she was going to have to vote for the man. I told her that I wouldn't be out beating the streets for Obama if I didn't think he was the best man for the job. She said, "I could tell you I was going to vote for him and then not do it", then she paused and said, "but then I guess I'd have to go to the altar." In any event, my electioneering has, I think, convinced her that her vote would be best spent by pulling the lever for Obama.

Interesting thing is that my relatives all live in more important states than I do. Kentucky. West Virginia. I think I've brought my mother, sister and now my grandmother on board. I'm a little irritated that I was unable to impress upon my nephew how important it is to REGISTER for pete's sake. He is not going to get off scott-free over that one.

Tuesday can't get here fast enough for me.


  1. I'm feeling rather uninfluential when it comes to national politics. My family is all voting for Obama (which is kind of a big deal for my dad), but they are all in non-swing-state Washington. J's family is all over the board, with his Dad missing Hillary, his sister an avid Palin supporter (I know! Craziness!) and no idea if his brother is even registered to vote. But they're all in Cali or IL, also not major swing states.

    It's great that you've been able to swing some family members in swing states. Good job!

  2. Well as for my mother and sister, I'm not sure that Sarah Palin didn't do more to swing their votes my way. =)

    But, next time I'm in Louisville, I'm taking my nephew to the courthouse to register.