04 November 2008

Poll Watching and Voting Day Errata

The Google search image of the day.

Voting in Dowell is a brisk business this morning. There are about 40 cars lined up at the fire station. I stuck my head in and there is a line about 4 or 5 people deep. In a town of 450, that's something. Added bonus. The Jackson County Health Services is at the dispensing flu shots, also at the firehouse. Given that most of the people in Dowell are retired, this means that Dowell retirees can kill two birds with one stone. Vote AND get a flu shot. Genius.

This is Penn State University and the time is 7 am. 1000 university students in line to vote. So much for those lazy young people. I don't know which to be more excited about. That young people are voting or that this is in PENNSYLVANIA! Take that pollsters.

Guv said he and his wife were #1 and #2 to vote in his precinct this morning. Way to go GUV!!!!

Alvin in St Louis said that it took him 1 hour 50 minutes to vote. There was a line, but no one was leaving in disgust or because they had to. Sounds like people are giving themselves plenty of time to vote. Great news!

I've spent 2 hours on the phone with my Gram. I'm pretty sure IF she votes for president, she'll vote for Obama. She told me today that she hasn't voted for President since JFK. I pointed out to her that was nearly 50 years ago and maybe it was time. She is a hard one. I'm not sure that I've convinced her. Honestly, I think she's afraid that someone will try to assassinate him and then she'd be responsible. So I'm not sure what she's going to do inside that voting booth. I'm still trying to get in touch with my nephew. He may actually be registered to vote in another district. He may be able to vote by going to his old district.

Any interesting election day stories from you? See anything interesting online today?

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  1. Not much interesting so far. J is working our local polling precinct, so I just went over there with some coffee for him and a plate of cookies for all the volunteers. They were really grateful. Looks like everything's running smoothly there. I guess we'll see what snags arise as the day progresses. Fingers crossed that things go well.