12 November 2008

For the first time in a Decade

I'm proud of my country. Because let's face it, the last two years of the Clinton administration were a bit dicey what with all that Monica Lewinsky crap in our faces day in and out. And the terminal Bush administration was no picnic in the park, pride-wise.

So, yes, I am proud of my country again. I am proud of my President-elect. I look forward to the future. To the breath of fresh air when those executive orders begin to fall, when legislation that was weakly supported by Democrats to gain favor points begins to fall, and when reasoned thought governs government action.

Here's just some neat photos I've seen lately that have contributed to my pride.
Obama traveling to Washington for a meeting at the White House.

The Obama's arriving at the White House.

Yeah, baby!

And can I just say that Michelle Obama rocks my socks off?This is the only pic you will EVER see of GWB and co. on my blog. I figured it would be in extremely poor taste to photoshop them out of this. =)

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  1. I love how Laura B. is in a very demure, muted brown and Michelle is wearing BRIGHT RED. I hope she doesn't tone herself down too much when she's officially First Lady. I think she's pretty kickass.