11 November 2008

My post-election virtual cigarette

Basking in the afterglow of a satisfying election, here are some of the phrases, images, and discussions I banish while I enjoy my virtual cigarette. With any luck, by the time I get over my feelings of euphoria, I won't have to see, hear, or discuss most of these again.

Joe the Plumber
"health of the mother" (coupled with air quotes)
flag lapel pins
Muslim or Arab origins
"our country was founded on Christian principles" (whew baby, don't get me started)
what kind of dog the President's kids pick (unless of course it is a border collie, in which case it will be a VERY BIG news day)
"Drill, baby, drill"
"failed policies of the Bush Administration"
Sarah Palin
"my friends"
"you betcha"
golden parachutes

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