13 November 2008


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Ok, enough of that.


So D-friend Bek and I went shopping tonight at the Walmarts, where we ran into Liv. Hi Liv! Anyhoo, I realized something in there. I like talking about products. Really, I think the thing is that I detest wasting money, and I'd rather solicit input, detailed if necessary, from those who can help me make informed buying decisions. And then again, I just like talking about products--what I like about them, what I don't like about them, and so forth. I think that's why I put up so many product reviews on my blog. But really, this only scratches the surface of product reviews I've done online. I can spend hours reading recipes and product reviews on web sites. So Bek does seem to enjoy going shopping with me, and she listens to me drone on and on, but she isn't very good at this game. She never takes a turn. I need a shopping partner who likes to tell me about the products they like. Geez, I just realized that I'm shopping for a shopping partner. I seriously need a life.

But that brings up an interesting point. If anyone wants to talk about products they like with me. I'm all ears. Seriously. I'm that geeky. Oh, and I'm looking for a new sleeping bag (my old new 20 degree bag did not keep me warm out west). So I'm looking for suggestions on brands, down vs. synthetic, mummy vs. rectangular, and any other two-cents-worth people are willing to toss in. Give me your suggestions and comments.


Today was a banner day in Daktariworld. Old sick dog #1 (Nevada for those in the know) ate her breakfast (with all her medicines in it) and immediately threw it back up. Then, she refused to go outside. Then, she suddenly (as if it sneaked up on her) realized she had to go RIGHT NOW and began to deposit turds across my kitchen as she made her way to the OPEN DOOR TO THE OUTSIDE. Yes, I believe I may have forgotten to mention that the door was open the whole time! Old dogs are going to be the death of me. Oh wait, I neglected to mention that Nevada has also taken to pooping on the wheelchair ramp such that at some point between my back door and my car, I managed to step in dog poop and didn't have time to go in and change my shoes, the result being that I had to teach my first class wearing only one shoe and the other left in the hallway. I know. But the answer is no. You. Can't. Be. Me. Take that, bitches!


And of course, all of this blog activity is just fodder for procrastination since I really do have to prepare a spreadsheet for my students for tomorrow. Argh. Real work sucks sometimes. I'm a little frustrated in my teaching right now. I think the problem is the lack of control I have over what goes on in class. That's the bad part of having a different teaching assignment every semester. You never get to improve the presentation/material, etc. in the class you just taught. I'ts wasted experience.

Well, not completely wasted experience. I've realized a couple of important things for the future. Labs should support and demonstrate concepts given in class, not introduce new concepts. Labs should ALWAYS have a defined objective. Labs should be designed to be virtually fail-proof. If someone walks away from a lab and isn't sure about what they were seeing/were supposed to see, or simply doesn't see it, that lab was a failure. Labs should not frustrate the students to the point of tears. Labs should be fun when possible.


I am bad with names. No. I take that back. I'm attrocious, horrendous, unbelievably incompetent, and pathetic when it comes to remembering people's names. It's an embarassment to myself and my advisors. So teaching presents a particularly difficult challenge to me. I tried something new this year and it made a world of difference. On the first day of class, I asked every student to stand up, state their name and tell the class the most interesting thing about themselves. I then repeated their name and made some comment on their point of interest. Then as each row of students finished, I repeated the name/interesting factoid of all the students who had introduced themselves already. I will admit that the combos of John/Brainiac (he mentioned he had a brain tumor) and Richie/poker czar (he was in the World Series of Poker) got giggles from the class. At the end, I repeated the names of everyone in the class. I allowed them to correct me when I was off. At the end of the class, I repeated everyone's name again before they left. I repeated every name in the class again at the next class meeting. By then, I had the names down. It worked. I got applause when I got them all right.

I do have trouble with the fact that Kirsten and Kristen sit next to each other in lab and lecture. As do Ashley and April. You can't have everything. I just realized that a better name for Richie would have been "Baseball cards". Ha! I crack myself up.


  1. My J loves to talk gear and its merits, though he's not as much of a blog commenter as I am. I personally love my REI brand -5 degree women's down mummy bag. The women's bags are shorter than the men's, which means I can have my feet at the bottom and not be a full foot below the head opening. They also have extra fill in the footbox, making for nice toasty feet. That's my two cents on my sleeping bag.

    Poor Nevada. It must be hard to be that old. Props to you for loving her despite her poopiness. I had to laugh about teaching with one shoe on...I wonder if my students would say anything if I were teaching wearing just one shoe.

  2. Wow, your a good dog Mom... I have a lot to look forward too when K-So gets old. Great.