23 November 2008

Why I've Broken Up with iTunes

Ok, I admit it. I was sucked in. I liked the idea of being able to sample new music types and new artists for a mere 99 cents. I had an iPod. Everything is working fine. Just when I thought everything was going right in my love affair, I get this nagging feeling. I hear whispers. And now, I'm face-to-face with the hard facts. I've been duped. Betrayed. I was so blind.

It's this MP3, MP4, ACC, Digital Rights Management bullshit. Call me American, but I don't like the idea of being told by a company that I have to buy their products until the end of time if I don't want my purchases to have all been in vein. Vein? Vain? Vane? Well, shit. Wasted. Neither do I want to rip roughly 500 songs to an audio CD only to reload them into my computer in MP3 format.

It's Apple yanking me around by the short hairs. Plain. And. Simple.

Oh, they were smooth with their all-in-one package deals. Ok, they raised my eyebrows with their "exclusive to iTunes" business. I mean, what artist would limit themselves to one sales outlet? But when I realized that I cannot purchase any other portable music player other than iPod, it was over. I'm done with iTunes. When my iPod bites the dust, I'll be purchasing a replacement portable music player that is something other than iPod. And on that day, I hope that some brilliant software upstart has figured out a way for me to convert all my music without that burn-reload-reformat procedure. Because I will gladly pay the difference betweeen an off-brand music player and an iPod just to be done with that bastard lover. Oh yes, Daktari is pretty pissed about the whole deal.

Apple can bite me. And not in the way they already have.

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